COG-LO Offerings

The main objectives of COG-LO are:

  • Definition of a Future Cognitive Logistics Objects reference implementation model that supports cognitive logistics behaviour;
  • Design and develop the necessary analytics and cognitive tools that enable complex event detection, context awareness and multi-criteria decision support.
  • Design and develop the collaboration platform based on hybrid ad-hoc social networks of CLOs.
  • Design and develop the COG-LO tools:
    • Cognitive Advisor, which realizes the cognitive behaviour of CLO based on the reference implementation model
    • Tweeting CLOs, allowing CLOs to exchange information in ad-hoc Social IoT networks
  • To evaluate the COG-LO results via intermodal, cross-country and urban logistics pilot operations.
  • To introduce new business models for ad-hoc collaborations affecting all logistics stakeholders and create a community of Logistics, ICT and urban environment stakeholders.

#1: New cognitive cargo-centric multi-modal transport models.

The project will formalize and model both the operational and system models which will utilize the new concepts of Cognitive Logistics Objects, Cargo Hitchhiking and Cognitive Advisor. Those models will enable for more flexibility, improved decision making and ad-hoc collaborations.

#2: A reference model for future Cognitive Logistics behaviour.

This model will provide the necessary knowledge base & capabilities to achieve certain cognitive behaviour of Logistics objects. To achieve this, the project will integrate concepts from the areas of Cognitive Systems, Integrated Reasoning and Learning from local contexts.

#3: Artificial Intelligence and data analytics tools with the necessary APIs,

enabling complex event detection, context awareness and decision support at both local and global level, as well as global reasoning, including understanding, assessing alternative and acting. Processing data will include multi-modal sources, structured, unstructured, and real-time data streams.

#4: A comprehensive framework for security, privacy and trust,

that will ensure the inherent incorporation of these concerns in the COG-LO systems and operations in a by design fashion and in accordance to the associate regulations, particularly the GDPR. To this end, all appropriate mechanisms of access and usage control and advanced cryptography will be employed, considering data ownership, handling policies, and scalability, whereas a blockchain infrastructure will foster for traceability, transparency and trust.

#5: A collaboration platform powered by Social Internet of Things:

COG-LO will put in place an infrastructure fostering ease of access to the underlying functionality by large logistics operators, SMEs and other stakeholders, enabling their seamless operational integration. This will be achieved through an innovative interaction framework based on dynamic ad hoc social networks referred to as the Social Internet of Things (SIoT). SIoT will allow CLOs to interact and “negotiate” potential alternatives/solutions considering their existing status/needs and exceptions identified.

#6: Tweeting CLOs tool:

This will allow CLOs to exchange information in hybrid ad-hoc Social IoT networks about their status and possible needs for collaboration (e.g. opportunities for optimal loading & re-routing in case of exceptions).

#7: Cognitive Advisor tool,

which realizes the cognitive behaviour of CLOs based on the reference implementation model.

Logistics Service Providers

COG-LO will enable Logistics operators, retailers and other stakeholders to collaborate more effectively, improve response rates and increase assets utilization in order to provide the maximum benefit & quality of deliveries to the end consumers.

Indicative benefits are:

  • Increased load factor
  • Reduced costs
  • Reduced deliveries - improved assets utilization
  • Improve delivery times
  • Reduce Network Density: Point-to-point distance
  • Improved responsiveness:
    • Average response time (call-to-pickup)
    • Pickup time-window width
  • Improved customer satisfaction

Post Market

Apart from the benefits as Logistics Services Providers, COG-LO will help the postal market in fulfilling the EU Commission’s aim to create a Single Parcel Market by enhancing the interoperability between the operators, also through ad-hoc collaborations with eCommerce companies and other Logistics Providers.

ICT industry

COG-LO will provide tools and cognitive services that can lie on top of existing solutions, making them more intelligent and with the highest value to the end users-customers.