Participant Type Country Role
Research/IoT Italy CNIT is the Project Coordinator. Moreover, CNIT will extend the SIoT concept, participate in the requirements & framework definition and be responsible for the standardization activities
Industry/ICT Greece SLG contributes to the definition of pilot scenarios and business requirements and the system technical requirements. Moreover, it leads the implementation of the Secure CLO Collaborative Platform and supports the integration and pilot applications activities.
Industry/ICT Luxemburg INTRA is involved in the tools and integration related activities, capitalizing on its vast experience on large scale distributed IT systems development and integration. Based on its established technological frameworks and expertise, INTRA will also coordinate the pilot’s execution and evaluation.
Research/AI Slovenia The main work of JSI will be research and development for services related to Artificial Intelligence. From technical perspective, its main contribution will be focused on data resources, data analytics and modelling. JSI will be heavily involved in the development of models and behaviour prediction as well as model integration.
Industry/ITS Italy SWARCO will contribute to shape COG-LO framework, bringing its experience from the Infrastructure Service provider point of view. It will also be involved in the definition of the high-level architecture and data flows and will support the Hellenic Post pilot case. Finally, it will contribute to the definition of the integration mechanisms within COG-LO.
Industry/Logistics Models Italy TRT will lead WP2 capitalizing on its vast experience on freight transport and logistics research projects. It will also bring its long experience in the field of quantitative analysis, strategic planning, KPI assessment by supporting the technological requirements analysis and COG-LO system deployment at EKOL’s pilot case.
Industry/AI-IoT UK NEC will empower COG-LO with its Artificial Intelligence technologies in Transportation Analytics and Optimization. It will coordinate WP5 (Cognitive Services). It will develop services related to (i) Context/situational awareness (ii) Knowledge formalization and generation (iii) Optimization of logistic operations and (iv) Multi-criteria decision support. Finally, NEC will develop artificial intelligence modules for knowledge extraction and formalization.
Industry/Pilot Case Slovenia Post of Slovenia well positioned to implement the objective of the pilot case Cross-Border Logistics PS/HP. The objective is to develop and test a distributed logistics model that consists of cognitive, open, dynamic and collaborative computerized platform of services and applications for cross-border logistics that can aggregate the ecosystem of stakeholders and manage the parcel shipments in real time.
Industry/Pilot Case Turkey EKOL Logistics 4.0 will participate in pilot case studies utilizing also its affiliated company Trieste Terminal Operator (owned 65% by EKOL). EKOL will play a significant role as a Logistics 4.0 service provider by implementing a new operational model with flexible and dynamic planning. EKOL will be the main actor for applying new operational model across the logistics chain in multimodal and cross-country operations.
Industry/Pilot Case Greece ELTA will contribute in the COG-LO requirements elicitation providing qualitative and quantitative data from the post industry. In addition, they will demonstrate heavy involvement in the COG-LO pilots, incorporating two major pilot cases in their operations, namely their backbone logistics (Crete-Athens-Thessaloniki) and urban (intra-Athens) logistics.
Industry/Pilot Case Croatia Croatia Post will implement the objectives of the pilot case of Cross-Border Logistics.
Transport Association Greece The role of ITS Hellas is to disseminate COG-LO as a new model for collaborative logistics, to contribute to the definition of common business models with ELTA, thus defining the Greek COG-LO Ecosystem of potential buyers/stakeholders.
Research Greece AUEB will take opportunity on the new business models that will be built during the COG-LO development. The business and market exploitation will focus on the real development of the platform and collaborative logistics solutions and AUEB through ELTRUN-SCORE, ELTRUN-ADOPT and the ACEin will work behind it. In addition, AUEB will contribute to the optimization models in WP5 utilizing its experience in other supply chain related research projects.
International Association Belgium Using the vast and extensive experience from all the above-mentioned Projects, PostEurop will play a crucial role in the dissemination activities of the Project. Through the work of PostEurop and its relationship with its members and external stakeholders there will be a large effort of dissemination.

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